Client Care

WGM Psychological Services is proud to offer a range of psychological services to active-duty members of the Canadian Military. We are familiar with the varied experiences members and their family’s experience at all points of the deployment cycle, and offer a suite of clinical services to support military members, their spouses and family members. We offer a range of clinical assessment services, including psycho-diagnostic assessments that can be used in the submission of pension applications to the Department of National Defense and Veterans Affairs Canada. We offer a range of treatment services, including those offered individually, in group format, for couples, family’s and children. Members can self-refer and we work directly with Canadian Forces Health Departments to arrange authorization and funding for treatment.

In the past number of years, WGM Psychological Services has worked closely with the Calgary Firefighters Association to understand the unique challenges and needs of its firefighter clients. We have collaborated with the Firefighters Assistance Charitable Society to establish a peer support team in Calgary, and are proud to provide clinical consultation and oversight to this team as it works to reduce barriers and increase access to mental health supports for firefighters. We are proud to collaborate with the International Association of Firefighters in examining the mental health experience of firefighters in a Canadian context and will continue to gather understanding to move this examination forward. At WGM we offer therapeutic services to firefighters on an individual and group basis, in addition to offering spousal, marital and family support. Our organization understands the complexities of working with the Calgary Firefighters Association as well as the Calgary Fire Department and upholds confidentiality of the membership as our utmost priority. We have taken the lessons learned and experience we have gathered to other contexts and are happy to offer services to firefighters in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Edmonton, Alberta and Ottawa, Ontario.

Over the past 10 years, WGM Psychological Services has gathered broad experience in working with members of the Canadian RCMP. We have come to understand the unique challenges faced by its members, and incorporate this knowledge into the clinical services we have developed. We offer a range of assessment services, including pension assessments of Operational Stress Injuries for submission to Veterans Affairs Canada. WGM understands how to collaborate with RCMP Health Services to coordinate your treatment and to address any duty fitness issues that may be present. Our RCMP clients are offered a range of treatment options, including those provided individually, in group format, for couples, family’s and children.

WGM Psychological Services is proud to have provided service to Canada-wide metropolitan police services for the past several years. We have developed familiarity with the unique challenges faced by these groups, including the demands of shift work and the challenge of managing physical and emotional stress when faced with continuous exposure to traumatic and difficult events. We offer a range of assessment and treatment services, and have organized group therapy services specifically for metropolitan police members, in order that they can come together in a therapeutic fashion to work through the difficult events that occur. We also offer individual psychotherapy, spousal support, marital and family therapy, as well as psychotherapy specifically for children.

Over the course of the last several years, our understanding at WGM Psychological Services of the challenges faced by Emergency Medical Personnel has grown and deepened. We are familiar with the resource issues that are chronically challenging and the repetitive and intense exposure to difficult events that EMT’s face. We have learned that offering a broad range of clinical services that can be accessed in one location has been crucial for our EMT clients, and to that end offer individual, group, spousal, marital, family and child treatment services in our offices. We have vast experience in working with the Workers Compensation Board in Alberta, and can support EMT personnel in their submission of work-based claims for Operational Stress Injuries.

WGM Psychological Services is proud of its long history in working with Canadian Veterans, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to serve and advocate for those who served this country. We have lengthy history in working with Veterans Affairs Canada and use this knowledge to help our Veteran clients navigate the Veterans Affairs system. We offer individual and group therapy for Veterans, their spouses and children, in addition to marital and family therapy. WGM clinicians routinely work with Veteran clients in the submission of disability applications related to Operational Stress Injuries, whether this is for an initial application or a re-assessment.

Our understanding at WGM Psychological Services about what comprises a first responder continues to grow. We have gathered experience in the past several years working with 911 dispatch personnel, Corrections Officers, medical personnel, mental health professionals who work with traumatized individuals, animal services personnel, and more. We know that our understanding of the impact of stress and trauma in the workplace is only beginning, and we are committed to working with anyone impacted by the stressful nature of their occupation to ensure sound mental health and valued quality of life. We offer a range of assessment services, as well as individual and group psychological treatment. Treatment services also extend to spouses, family members and children, with WGM offering marital, family and child psychotherapy. We are familiar with working with the Workers Compensation Board, should claims for work-play psychological injury be required and we can work with you to determine what funding sources you can access in order to support engagement in treatment.

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