In the past number of years, WGM Psychological Services has worked closely with the Calgary Firefighters Association to understand the unique challenges and needs of its firefighter clients.  We have collaborated with the Firefighters Assistance Charitable Society to establish a peer support team in Calgary, and are proud to provide clinical consultation and oversight to this team as it works to reduce barriers and increase access to mental health supports for firefighters.  We are proud to collaborate with the International Association of Firefighters in examining the mental health experience of firefighters in a Canadian context and will continue to gather understanding to move this examination forward.  At WGM we offer therapeutic services to firefighters on an individual and group basis, in addition to offering spousal, marital and family support.  Our organization understands the complexities of working with the Calgary Firefighters Association as well as the Calgary Fire Department and upholds confidentiality of the membership as our utmost priority.  We have taken the lessons learned and experience we have gathered to other contexts and are happy to offer services to firefighters in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Edmonton, Alberta and Ottawa, Ontario.

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