Other Emergency Response Personnel

Our understanding at WGM Psychological Services about what comprises a first responder continues to grow.  We have gathered experience in the past several years working with 911 dispatch personnel, Corrections Officers, medical personnel, mental health professionals who work with traumatized individuals, animal services personnel, and more.  We know that our understanding of the impact of stress and trauma in the workplace is only beginning, and we are committed to working with anyone impacted by the stressful nature of their occupation to ensure sound mental health and valued quality of life.  We offer a range of assessment services, as well as individual and group psychological treatment.  Treatment services also extend to spouses, family members and children, with WGM offering marital, family and child psychotherapy.  We are familiar with working with the Workers Compensation Board, should claims for work-play psychological injury be required and we can work with you to determine what funding sources you can access in order to support engagement in treatment.  

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