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Meet Dr. Roy Frenzel


Dr. Roy Frenzel has many years of experience delivering psychological services to both adult and youthful populations. His clinical interests include providing both individual and group therapy along with assessment services aimed at developing a comprehensive understanding of his clients and the issues they bring for discussion. Like all members of the WGM team, Dr. Frenzel is strongly committed to the delivery of evidence-based treatment services that are directed toward obtaining the best outcomes for his clients. He takes a direct and open approach primarily based in a cognitive behavioral model but also integrates concepts and techniques drawn from other approaches as needed and according to client preferences. He enjoys helping people interested in achieving enhanced self-awareness as well as more complex mental health problems.

Dr. Frenzel is well-known in Alberta for his work as a university instructor as well as for his involvement in professional regulation. Over his many years of his practice, Dr. Frenzel has contributed to numerous articles in professional publications and has taught thousands of university students as well as presenting at professional conferences and to community organizations.

Dr. Frenzel completed his graduate training at the University of Alberta and did his undergraduate work at York University in Toronto. In addition, he received specialized diagnostic training specific to the diagnosis and management of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) at the University of Washington.