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Meet Nancy McElheran


Nancy McElheran, RN, MN, RMFT, is a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy(AAMFT) and an Adjunct Clinical Associate with the Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary.

Formerly a Director and Clinical Co-Ordinator of Wood’s Homes Eastside Family Centre (EFC) in Calgary, Nancy was actively involved in the development of the EFC walk-in single session counselling service over 20 plus years.

Nancy has presented the work of the Eastside, in collaboration with her colleagues, at international, national and local conferences and workshops. Her publications reflect her interest in walk-in single session therapy, mental health nursing and group therapy.

Currently Nancy is in independent practice that includes clinical consultation to community based mental health organizations in Calgary and individual, couple and family therapy.