Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who delivers the BOS program?

BOS is delivered by two PhD or Masters level Psychologists. In addition we would ask for a Peer Support individual from the group being presented. This would be a person who likely has been diagnosed with PTSD and has been in a process of recovery for some time. He/she would be able to speak to the treatment issues involved in recovery and would have some kind of story about how he/she has learned to live differently with the symptoms of PTSD as well as the past traumatic experiences. Ideally this person would still be working, and so could speak to changes that were made as part of returning to work or remaining at work.

2) Where/when is the program delivered?

BOS is delivered at the convenience of the participants either at a WGM office or at a location chosen by the individual group. Times will be customized to facilitate specific group needs.

3) Is BOS intended to be proactive, in that only those not currently suffering from an OSI should participate?

The BOS program is designed for any individual who has been or is likely to be exposed to Operational Stress.

4) How does this align with or differ from other resilience programs currently offered?

Align: BOS is a fantastic addition to peer support delivered programs within the public service personnel sector. The program expands upon the educational components of these other programs.


  • The BOS program is delivered in a group setting by licensed, experienced clinical psychologists. BOS mixes both educational and experiential training and knowledge of the circumstances surrounding OSI’s that can/have/might occur for the specific group being presented. Although the program deliveries are similar in nature; there are subtle differences based on specific jobs (fire fighters, police, paramedics, military, correctional officers, etc.)
  • BOS program evaluation is done by an independent research group at the University of Regina headed by Dr. Nick Carleton. This evidence-based evaluation is designed to measure delivery metrics, outcomes and long-term continuity of care for participants.

5) Is there a train-the-trainer program for re-delivery within organizations?

We do ask for a Peer Mentor for each delivery and we will also have a PS (Peer Support) program attached to the BOS deliveries. The BOS PS program will be designed for an association’s Peer Support Team but will not “certify” these individuals as trainers of the BOS program.

6) Is there a cost/participant for the BOS program?

Although the BOS program is substantially supported by Wounded Warriors Canada; there is an additional cost/participant of $175 CDN. This cost includes the initial 8-week program as well as the 10-month follow-up and evaluation.

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