WGM Psychology & Associates offers comprehensive empirically based neuropsychological and psychological assessments.

Our assessments measure brain functions, personality and mood, resulting in a profile of strengths and weaknesses in brain function. Reports provide concrete recommendations and treatment plans aimed at improving cognition, mood, work/home performance and ultimately, quality-of-life.

Neuropsychological assessments at WGM Psychology & Associates can be initiated by referral from a General Practitioner or a medical specialist such as a Neurologist or Psychiatrist.  We can also provide assessments as part of an Independent Medical Evaluation for a disability claim or for plaintiffs or defendants in a Forensic Psychology context.

Assessments are currently available in the following areas: 

General Medical:

The initial general medical assessments measure the brain function of patients with:

  • neurological disorders such as Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.,
  • general medical conditions that affect the brain such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiac issues, chemotherapy, etc.

The initial assessment will help clarify diagnosis and may differentiate between subtypes of diseases, leading to the most appropriate treatment plan. Ongoing measurement and assessment monitors response to treatment and changes in cognition and function over time, helping ensure the best possible care and treatment.

Acquired Brain Injury:

Assessments of this kind are instrumental in designing “return to work” or “return to play” plans after a brain injury, including:

  • impact to the head from a fall, sports injury or other means.
  • the result of events such as a stroke, tumour, infection, exposure to toxins, etc.

Whatever the cause or history of an injury, our assessments and reports use neuropsychological and psychological data to create individualized and empirically supported return to work/play plans. We put together through proper assessment and clear direction for treatment, we aim to help people return to work or play in a manner as close to their pre-injury levels of function as possible.

Psycho-educational Assessments:

Psycho-educational assessements provide concrete recommendations as part of an Independent Educational Plan [IEP] for students at the high school and university levels.

These assessments can help a student’s academic success through the provision of extra time on exams and assignments, the implementation of technical aids to help with note taking and studying, and ensuring that teaching methods are in line with a student’s particular learning pattern. Our psychologists also are able to work with teachers and professors in the successful implementation of the resulting IEP.

Psychodiagnostic Assessments:

Using multiple measures of personality in conjunction with clinical interviews and other testing, these assessments can provide diagnostic clarity for complex neurological or psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and others.

Often there may be overlap in presentation with elements of other psychological or neurological symptoms. Our psychodiagnostic assessments can help refine diagnoses based on psychometric and clinical data, leading to more targeted treatment and behavioural interventions for those in need.

Capacity/Safety Critical Assessments:

Professionals such as such as airline pilots, air traffic controllers, train engineers, physicians, and others who are entrusted with safety critical roles or require high levels of cognitive ability are often asked or required by their employers or governing bodies to periodically undergo neuropsychological and psychological assessments.

Our assessments provide expert and empirically supported conclusions on an individual’s ability to adequately and safely perform their duties. We can also recommend and implement supports and treatment to professionals who may be experiencing neuropsychological or psychological issues that affect performance.


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